Republic of Zambia






All cyclists always need to wear aHelmet each time the ride

1. Keep both hands on the handlebars, except when signaling or changing direction use the hand to the intended direction.

2. Keep both feet on the pedals.

3. Never ride more than two abreast, ride in a single file

4. Do not ride close behind a vehicle.

5. Be considerate of other road users, particularly blind and partially sighted pedestrians.

6. Let them know that you are there when necessary, for example, by ringing the bell.

7. It is a recommendation that a bell must be fitted.

8. Look all around before turning or maneuvering to make sure it is safe to do so.

9. Give a clear signal to show other road users what you intend to do.

10. Be aware of traffic coming up behind you.

11. Ride with the flow of traffic don't ride facing oncoming traffic