Driver Licencing

It is a requirement by law that everyone who drives a motor vehicle must be a holder of a valid driving licence which would have the appropriate class for the motor vehicle they are in charge of.
Step 1: Provisional Driving Licence
Every person who wishes to learn how to drive must first obtain a provisional licence. In order to obtain a provisional licence, the applicant must undergo a theory test at no fee.


  1. Candidate Must Be the Age Of 16 Years Old To Apply For A Motor
    Cycle Provisional Driving License Or 18 Years For Motor Vehicle Drivers’ License,
  2. Take a Theory test and Pass it,
  3. Medical Report from Government Hospital,
  4. Proof of Identification ( National Registration Card, Diplomat Passport, Zambian Passport or Refugee ID)

A person issued with a provisional driving licence shall whilst driving a motor vehicle at all times be under the supervision of a person who is in possession of a valid licence, further the “L” plates must be displayed on such a motor vehicle. This licence is only valid for 3 months.

Step 2: Driving Test
After acquiring the skill of handling a motor vehicle the applicant can book for a driving test provided the Provisional licence is within the 3 months validity period from day of issue.

Step 3 (final): Driver Licence

Upon successful completion of the driver test, the candidate will be issued with the Pass Certificate.
an applicant may pay and upon payment a driving licence card printed and issued immediately.

Driving Licence (Renewal)

A driving licence has a validity period of 5 years after which it must be renewed;


  • Copy of old Drivers licence
  • Copy of Identification

Driving Instructor’s Licence

A Driving instructors licence enables one to be able to teach new road users on how to operate a motor vehicle.


For New Applicants

  • Must be above the age of 25
  • Must be a Zambian citizen
  • Must be a holder of a valid Zambian driving license endorsed with a PSV class
  • Must have undertaken Defensive Driving lessons
  • Must show ability to read and write
  • Must show proof of having the ability to administer First Aid
  • Application Forms (DSR 1)
  • Copy of NRC
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Medical Certificate
  • Fee for Test of Competence
  • License Fee

For Renewals

  • Submit Fresh Application Forms
  • Copy of current Instructor’s License
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Medical Certificate

Vanity Registration Mark 


  • All vanity plates must start with at least two letters.
  • Vanity plates may contain a maximum of six characters (letters and numbers).
  • Numbers cannot be used in the middle of a plate; they must come at the end.

For example; AAA222 would be an acceptable vanity plate; AAA22A would not be acceptable.

  • The letters “I”, “O”, “Q”, “S” and “U” cannot be used at the end but may be used in between other acceptable letters. PUP22 would be acceptable.
  • No spaces are allowed between letters or between numbers, for example A A A or 2 2 2 but should read AAA or 222.
  • Letter and/or number combinations that convey an offensive message or appear to duplicate an existing registration plate are not permitted.
  • The first number used cannot be zero “0”.


  • The Director of the Road Transport and Safety Agency will not knowingly issue a requested vanity registration mark containing a group of letters or combination of numbers and letters if the plate is either offensive or duplicative of an existing registration. Specifically, the Director will not issue a requested combination of letters and numbers of letters alone if:
  • Such combination is vulgar in that it is in poor taste or is degrading or is considered a profanity, including a swearing or curse word, not usually displayed in the community for general viewing.
  • Such combination is derogatory in that it disparages or belittles someone or something.
  • Such combination is obscene in that it refers to a sexual body part, a term for or most closely associated with a sex act, or the availability of sex.
  • Such combination is an expression of contempt, ridicule, or superiority of a race, religion, deity, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.
  • Such combination is an expression of “fighting words” designed to inflame passions and possibly lead to a violent confrontation.
  • Such combination would appear to duplicate a registration already issued.
  • The Director may reject a requested combination for other reasons if he reasonably determines that issuance of the requested combination would be inappropriate.
  • The Director reserves the right to recall a vanity registration mark that has been issued. If the Director becomes aware that a group of letters or a combination of numbers and letters appear to be offensive in nature, or that numbers and letters appear to duplicate an existing registration mark, it will be sufficient cause for recall.

Public Service Vehicle Driving Licence (PSV)

It is a requirement by law that any person in charge of a motor vehicle used for the purpose of hire or reward must be in possession of a valid driving licence with the right category of such a motor vehicle they intend to operate/drive. Such categories may be Passengers/Goods or Passengers and Goods.


  • The applicant must be 25 years and older
  • Must have a valid driving licence
  • The applicant must have at least a minimum of two years driving experience
  • Medical Report from Government Hospital


Provisional Driving Licence

The provisional driver licence will be issued upon successful completion of the theory test specific for public service vehicle (PSV) category.

Driving Test

The applicant can book for a driving test. Once a learner driver has passed a driving test, he/she is issued with a Pass Certificate.

PSV Drivers Licence

Upon successful completion of the driver test, the candidate will be issued with the Pass Certificate.

An applicant may pay and upon payment a temporal driving licence is issued pending the printing of the driving licence card.

PSV Driving License (Renewal)

A public service vehicle driving licence has a validity period of 1 year after which it must be renewed.


  • Medical certificate from a recognized medical institution
  • Copy of expired PSV drivers licence
  • Copy of NRC

International Driving Permit

An international driving permit is issued to a person with a valid Zambian driving licence requiring to the use of the international driving permit in foreign countries where the Zambian driving licence may not be accepted.


  • Copy of Valid Zambian Drivers Licence
  • Copy of valid Zambian Passport(valid for a minimum of 12 months)
  • Passport size photos

Driving School Licence


  • Ownership must be seventy-five per Centrum owned by Zambians.
  • If owned by NonZambians, owner must be holder of investment License from ZDA.
  • Must operate from authorized business premises
  • At least one classroom with floor area not less than nine square meters
  • Classroom must meet minimum Safety/Health standards
  • Acceptable convenient rooms
  • Motor Vehicles
    • Fully insured
    • Roadworthy
    • Fitted with First Aid Box/ Fire Extinguisher
    • Fitted with fourth pedal (Foot brake for the Instructor)
    • Vehicle registration marks must be painted in red color
    • Must be inscribed on the left fender the details and address of the owner.
  • Show proof of driving circuit for practical driving lessons.
  • Must have qualified driving instructors


  • Fill in the Application Form (DSR4) 
  • Provide Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Produce Copies of Insurance Certificates of Registration( White Books)
  • Provide Copies of drivers instructors licenses
  • Driving school must be instructed

Driving License (Renewal)


  • Submit return indicating
    • Number of students trained per month
    • Number of instructors employed during the period under view
    • Number of vehicles owned during the period under review
  • Resubmit application form (DSR4)
  • Driving School to be re-inspector