Motor Vehicle Registration

Registration is the process of recording of a vehicle onto the Motor Vehicle Register and the subsequent issuing of permanent registration number plates.

In Zambia, there are two types of registration processes

  1. Temporary registration for all second hand vehicles manufactured and imported from other countries.
  2. Permanent registration for permanent registration of all motor vehicles in Zambia

Temporary registration has an expiry of 14 days from the date of importation of a second hand vehicle. It is a requirement by law that a second hand vehicle must be permanently registered within the validity of the temporary registration.

General requirements for M/Vehicle registration

For all second hand vehicles with the exception of those bonded and those held under the motor vehicle dealership licence, permanent registration will only be effected by a registration officer upon submission of proof of having paid for temporary registration.

Temporary registration

The following documents will be required to temporary register a motor vehicle at the border entry point.

  • The ZRA Customs Clearance Certificate
  • Receipts and invoices including the bills of lading as proof of purchase of the motor vehicle landing
  • Personal identification documents of the person undertaking temporary registration
  • A fitness check list duly signed a RTSA officer signifying the vehicle is roadworthy to be on the Zambian roads.

The temporary registration can be extended at a charge and if one fails to extend a penalty is charged for each month that passes. 

Permanent registration

There are currently only three permanent centres in Zambia. These are Livingstone, Lusaka and Ndola. All second hand vehicles entering Zambia permanently must get permanent registration from any of the three nearest stations. In accordance with the Road Traffic Act no. 11 of 2002, the following documents are a requirement to permanent motor vehicle registration:

  1. Customs clearance certificate from ZRA at the border
  2. Temporary registration papers from the RTSA issued at the border on entry by RTSA
  3. Interpol clearance certificate issued by Interpol at Police Service Head Q. Physical examination form duly signed by a RTSA officer to issue certificate of fitness.

Required Documents

  • Customs clearance form certificate
  • Bill of entry or manifest form
  • Bill of lading
  • Physical inspection
  • Photocopy of identity
  • Receipt of payment from ZRA
  • Invoice
  • Form CE 20          (customs and exercise duty Declaration)

 Registration of New Imported Motor Vehicle


  • Physical Inspection
  • Interpol Submission
  • Physical Inspection
  • Bill of Lading,
  • ZRA Clearance
  • Invoice,
  • Interpol Clearance

Road Service Licence (Public Service Vehicle)

It is required by law that any vehicle operating on public roads should have a License for serving as a public service vehicle. The Road Service License is obtainable as follows:


  • Registration certificate
  • ZRA clearance certificate
  • All vehicles certificate of fitness
  • Insurance cover notes
  • Copies of PSV driving licenses
  • Identity of the owner
  • Speed limiter fitment certificate
  • Latest bank statements


  • Obtain application forms, fill them in and submit them to the licensing officers who will put your application on the waiting list.
  • A public sitting will be convened in your presence were you will be required to produce originals of the documents listed above
  • A payment is made for a three or twelve months certificate and the certificate is issued.

Change of Ownership

  1. Original letter of sale or donation (If one of or both parties are an organization, the letter/s must be printed on headed paper and must be signed and stamped)
  2. Original Registration Certificate (White Book)
  3. Physical Inspection (from any RTSA motor vehicle inspection centre, for example MIMOSA for Lusaka residents.
  4. Police Report from Anti-theft of Motor Vehicles Department (for Lusaka residents, this report may only be obtained from Central Police)
  5. ID copies of both buyer and seller (Certificate of Incorporation if seller or buyer is an organization.
  6. Tax Clearance Certificate from Zambia Revenue Authority (the Tax Clearance will be issued specifically for the purpose of change of ownership and that will be mentioned on the certificate/letter)
  7. Change of ownership application form (this application form must be signed by both buyer (part I) and seller (part H). In case of organizations, an official stamp must be endorsed)
  8. Valid Road Tax
  9. Payment