The Road Transport and Safety Agency was established under the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002 and became fully operational in 2006.


The main functions of the Agency are:

  • To effectively implement policy on transport, traffic management and road safety
  • To effectively and efficiently register motor vehicles and trailers in accordance with the road traffic act
  • To timely issue licenses and permits in accordance with the road traffic act
  • To implement international protocols and treaties on road transport efficiently
  • To pay out such percentages of money into the road fund from revenues collected in a transparent and accountable manner
  • To conduct effective road safety education
  • To coordinate road safety programs effectively
  • To approve and monitor the effectiveness of road safety programs undertaken by anybody, person or institution
  • To effectively formulate and conduct programs to promote road safety in conjunction with stakeholders.
  • To make contributions towards the cost of programs for promoting road safety undertaken by other authorities or bodies.
  • Approve safety activities undertaken by other authorities or bodies.


 A safe, inclusive and economically enabling road transport system. 



To deliver a safe, efficient, client focused and inclusive road transport system which supports Socio-economic Development.


Core Values

  • The Road Transport and Safety Agency will conduct its business with the following values: 
  • Service excellence:  Endeavour to do better always.
  • Accountability: Taking ownership in all situations involved. 
  • Fairness:  Impartial and just treatment or behaviour to others. 
  • Efficiency: Timely desired work output. 
  • Confidentiality:  Non-disclosure of private Information.
  • Integrity:  A quality of honesty and strong moral principles. 
  • Transparency:  Openness/confident to share with clarity to others.